Mandala Seeds - White Bhutanese (fem.)

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White Bhutanese

World Exclusive Genetics

For the first time Bhutanese landrace genetics from this mysterious and remote Himalayan country can be savoured and explored! White Bhutanese originates from mother plants cultivated from first-rate wild seed stock. The mother plants are completely authentic and unmodified since the time when these seeds were collected in the natural habitat. White Bhutanese is only one generation removed from its Himalayan source!

As harvest nears you can enjoy an exotic variety of scents. It can be a mixture of spice, lemon, fruit, mint, and nuts in various combinations. It took a while before we could figure out a suitable comparison for this complex aroma palette. The nearest was the typical Indian sweets or “mithai” made from cashews, pistachios, cardamom, etc. Once this tasty herb is dried and cured the aroma matures to a unique synthesis that reflects the environment the plants grew in, but the lemon and mint remains typical. The high has a smooth entry with an enduring effect. It’s a perfect balance between potency and everyday enjoyability. This herb is perfect for concentrating and creative projects, because it is not prone to interrupting your train of thoughts of triggering forgetfulness. The effects are mainly cerebral but also register in the body, with a physical laid-back state in the last quarter of the high which invites you to relax. However, this is a temporary phase and the buzz leaves behind a refreshed state of mental clarity. The relatively high CBG content enhances the medical applications of this strain such as for moderate pain relief, as a sleep aid, and treatment for glaucoma.

To facilitate outdoor cultivation and offer a feminized strain we hybridized the mother plants with a carefully selected pollen donor. The major characteristics of the Bhutanese landrace have been preserved, whilst improving and standardizing the overall quality of the flowering buds. This particular Sativa is from Wangdi Province in Central Bhutan. It grows in semi tropical climate with cool winters at an altitude of 1.300-2.000 meters. Our White Bhutanese is a very versatile strain with high mold resistance. She can be cultivated in tropical to warm temperate environments up to 43°N. The plants withstand heat and have been stress-tested up to 48°C/118°F in a greenhouse. Cultivators in regions with a constant photoperiod or high humidity should especially consider growing this strain.

White Bhutanese is a classical, tall Sativa with long internodes, which has to be taken into account when growing in containers or a greenhouse. Late planting and pruning is essential unless you have the space or resources to grow giants! In a Mediterranean or hot climate the plants can still reach up to 2,50 meters in containers if they are planted in June (northern hemisphere) and left unpruned. If a moderate size is desired, we recommend timing the planting season to allow for just one month vegetative growth. During this vegetative period pruning the main growing tip once should be sufficient. Too much pruning can backfire with landrace Sativas, especially in container cultivation, and decrease yield. So don’t be tempted to cut your plants down to a bonsai! White Bhutanese responds well to LST (low stress training) and, once you have figured out how to handle her size, she is otherwise very easy to grow and not fussy. Trimming the bottom shoots further simplifies plant care and increases the strength of the upper branches. White Bhutanese grows well in quality horticultural grade potting soil, but still requires additional feedings during flowering if grown in containers. Due to her vigour, size, and length of flowering time, sufficient nutrients should be provided over the full life cycle.

The Bhutanese landraces are extremely hardy and not prone to hermaphrodites. Both the mother genetics and White Bhutanese were stress-tested and found to be highly resistant. Keeping your plants as healthy as possible will further ensure a safe and great harvest. Trichome production is impressive. But don’t hold your breath waiting for them to turn amber! The wonderfully clear to slightly milky resin is a trademark of White Bhutanese. Time your harvest according to the strain details, the natural decrease in bud development and, of course, the weather forecast.

Genetics: Wangdi Province, Bhutan (hybridized)
Type: 80% Sativa
Indoor Flowering: not suitable for indoor (seriously)!
Outdoor Harvest: late October - November
Height: +2,5 meters
Aroma: lemon, mint, slightly fruity, sweet-sour with an earthy undertone
High: creative, increased focus, active, social, not prone to paranoia/anxiety, long-lasting; excellent for all creative activities and tasks that require concentration
THC: 12-13,8%; hash oil 30%
CBD: 0,16%, CBG: 0,5-0,8%
Medical: assists against depression and lack of motivation, anti-anxiety, moderate pain relief, sleep aid, treatment for glaucoma, antiproliferative, antibacterial
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